Data-Driven Crowds

The Year of the Lord 1978

I was born: May 31, 1978


Music charts during my birth were dominated by disco music which partially explains the amount of hair I had when I was growing up. Songs in the charts on my birth week included the following classics:

1978 saw also some other massive disco songs...

Like this one with the Village People.. Come on, I know you want to sing it! Come with me now...

ABBA were of course huge:

The biggest one though (technically entered the charts in 1977 but who cares) was:


Not only that, cinemas in 1978 were dominated by John Travolta dancing: Saturday Night Fever and Grease topped the charts for 9 and 12 weeks respectively. Movies released this year include: Superman with the incredible Christopher Reeve, Halloween, Animal House, The Deer Hunter with Robert De Niro, Midnight Express, Jaws 2, a zombie movie by George Romero back when zombie movies were rare (Dawn of the Dead), Omen 2, Death on the Nile and the original Inglorious Bastards. Golden Harvest also finished the Game of the Death movie with the Legend Bruce Lee with other actors (NO ONE COMES EVEN CLOSE). And finally, yes, a Lord of the Rings movie was released which topped the charts for 3 weeks.

Technology / Video Games

June of 1978 saw the release of Space Invaders which marks the beginning of the golden era of video games and Magnavox released the Odyssey² home console!

Technology wise, TCP is split into TCP/IP, the first Bulletin Board System (BBS) is created, 5.25'' floppy disks becomes the standard for portable storage and the first spam was sent by this guy in May 1978 (please send thank you emails!).

In retrospect, this was a GREAT year and events like the above explain partially my behavior patterns in music, movies, games and technology! God bless you Internet for storing all of this information.